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$5 Challenge

November arrived with a wintry blast, yet has still has managed to fly by. Thanksgiving was delicious, and delightfully stress free, as Don and I made the decision to stay home and be by ourselves. A table set for two, plates heaped with thanksgiving staples, we ate ourselves into a stuffing and turkey coma...

It was perfect. We also made the decision to not be part part of the shopping frenzy. And though I know we are missing out on some bargains, the peace of mind, and sheer time gained has been amazing. And it has really given me time to think about this idea of the five dollar challenge.

After our performance in October, I found out that it cost about five dollars a month to educate a girl at Ibutwa. One box of cereal, one pint of ice cream, one box of cookies, one bag of dog treats, 4 small bags of M&M’s, all of these , one month of school. This last month I have almost been haunted by it, and have felt guilt when spending money on non-necessities. And it has made me sadly aware how much money I waste. I love to snack, and boy I spend a lot, too much ,on cookies, and chocolate. So, here’s my idea, let’s try a five dollar challenge.

For adults, once or twice this month, don’t have the treat, the latte, the giant muffin and coffee, and donate that five dollars to Ibutwa. I will have a five dollar challenge canister at Spotlight, and you can donate there. Or better yet, go to Ibutwa donate online, or why not a monthly five dollar donation  automatically given. Just keep thinking 5 dollars = 1 month of education. With just five dollars we can begin to change a life.

And what about our kids. Our beautiful and very lucky children. Let’s get them involved.

I would love to see all my students do an extra chore for their parents, earn 5 dollars and then donate it for Ibutwa. Not an every day part of their allowance chore, but something special, cleaning out the fridge, mopping floors, vacuuming, organizing the pantry, bath tub scrubbing... anything at all. Imagine if every student at Spotlight contributes and then passes the word on to a couple of friends, who then pass the word on... a little help going a long way. Five dollars the start of changing a life... and having a clean house for the next round of holidays. A win all around.

So I will trade eating my favorite cashew fudge ice cream for putting 5 bucks in a jar. And though I will really have to pace myself, this month I can make do with one box of Cocoa Puffs. Hooper can have less treats; we can all have one less treat.

So let’s do this MDC, and Spotlight Vermont family, let’s have December 1-20, be our 5 dollar challenge. This Tuesday is giving Tuesday, let’s make this a giving season. Together, one small personal effort becomes a lifeline for a girl in Democratic Republic of Congo. So let’s give the joy of education this season, and it will truly be the most wonderful time of the year.

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