• Liz Moore

A Thankful Heart - And Croissants

Thanksgiving is here, and I am so grateful for how beautiful our experience as a new company has been. It is the time for giving thanks, and so I send great big shouts of thanks out to all who have supported us.

Thanksgiving is also the start of the holiday madness. I know I am not the only one with holiday ambivalence. The holidays are fraught with peril for so many; so here’s my thanksgiving light list.

This year I am grateful that: - No matter when I turn on the TV, "FRIENDS" or Law and Order SVU is on some channel. (See All Ten "FRIENDS" Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked) - Hooper lets me not only dress him up, but allows accessories too.

- The croissants at Klinger's are almost the size of dinner plates; yet, one croissant is still one serving. - An evil genius decided to add Reece’s Pieces to Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, and caramel to M&M’s. - Trader Joe's and Healthy Living conveniently share a parking lot on my way to Spotlight Vermont. So, I can get stuff I never knew I needed at T.J.’s, and stuff I can’t afford at H.L... but it’s organic. - Even though the Game of Thrones finale was an epic disappointment , we ALL bonded over hilarious twitter. - The Cats movie trailer was so bad that I can’t wait to go see the movie, and will probably dress up... might be the New Rocky Horror. - No one laughs in disbelief when they see my weight on my license.

- The frozen grey challenge that is winter in Vermont yields masses of summer flowers in my garden, and beautiful, quirky, strange and funny dances for MDC.

So count your blessings everyone, and have a wonderful holiday!

-Liz Moore

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