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A Whole New World....

Just as I am recovering and taking baby steps towards teaching and dancing again, the world is opening up; I am congratulating myself on my timing. Hooper, the world’s greatest dog, has been by my side every minute of my recovery and I don’t think I would have made it through without him. I been amused how his hair  has seemed  to tell the story of this crazy and unprecedented time. At first ok, different but ok, headed  towards unmanageable, and finally, plain out challenging. The hair had been doable most of the lockdown, but today the sheer volume of it reached a breaking point.

Long, and scruffy, with the start of doggie dreadlocks, he could barely see. I have been using product to keep hair out of his eye, but today the product was defeated. We were not because happily, the misery would be short lived. The fabulous Doggie Stylz was ready to take on my fragglerock,and he is now as sleek as a little otter. Well coiffed, groomed and ready to be out in the world.

Despite the fact that we humans are also ready to get out of sweats and into the world, I am worried about the outcome, and not just because our groomers are still closed. The virus has not gone away; I am hoping  we can proceed with caution and grace. I’d like to envision Vermonters approaching life sensibly treating others with consideration and civility. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Vermont made news as an example of how to open up after this quarantine? Can we be the people who avoid screaming at essential workers just trying to do their jobs? Let’s  face it, hazard pay is going to stop, sooner probably than later, yet these workers will still be in the most danger of contracting Covid. Yes, the masks are hot and uncomfortable, and if you have weird pointy somewhat small ears like mine, the mask has a hard time making purchase and staying on. So what. I am here to tell you, you don’t want this virus. I am more than two weeks without a fever, and I still wake up gasping for breath. My chest is tight, wheezy and raspy; I am easily winded and flat out tired. My doctor told me the fatigue can last for a month or two post fever.... no one really knows.

And I am lucky, I was never hospitalized, I don’t have holes in my lungs, no blood clots and no mini strokes. I am alive. So, sorry the mask is hot, wear it, keep washing your hands, limit trips out and be nice.

I am all for supporting the economy, and I am looking forward to short trips out. But, I think I will be waiting a bit, and only going during off hours. I realized during this time how little I really need so perhaps I will be spending less. I am reading with great interest about cities that have opened before us, and I have been struck by the poor behavior of so many. The cursing, the impatience and tragically, the violence. Vermont, let’s be better; we can be the change we want to see.

Let’s open up with kindness and patience.

No one has ever died from waiting to get into a store, standing six feet apart or being required  to wear mask. However, those enforcing these rules have been attacked, verbally abused and sadly even killed. I know we can do better. Life will probably be frustrating for quite some time. Believe me I feel it, I want my energy back and a studio full of dancing kids. It will take time.

We are lucky we are still here and have the time to complain about it all. I don’t write this easily, I am by nature impatient, a perfectionistic fixer who likes things my way. I will have to get over myself, we all will.

In so many ways it’s a whole new world, and life may never be the same again. Living with fear and anxiety, coupled with aggravation and financial setbacks make for tricky days. Emotions run the gamut each day. We are inundated every day with terrible stories of incompetence and loss; it’s almost impossible to know how to proceed. So I will take a page from the animals at Oak Circle.

I will try to be like Hooper, a steadfast and loyal friend, and when all else fails I will take a nap. Daisy will help me remember that sometimes you have to lie down and stay down until you feel better, and  when feeling better, spend as much time outside as possible.  And finally, from the tiny chipmunk that visits with me in my meditation garden this: muster up the perfect  mix of caution and bravery, then act from the heart.

Animals are better than we humans, but, if we follow their lead, our whole new world could quite possibly be a far better one. It can’t hurt to try; we have nothing to lose....and everything to be gained.

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