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All You Need is Love...

I cannot believe our Congo performance is next Sunday. Our theme for this performance is Dance for Congo,  Dance for Love. There could not be a more fitting theme for our show. This company is powered by love;  I feel it every time I walk into the studio. We are united by our love of dance, and the shared belief that we can use this love to help others. We work hard, spend hours together, and the love grows. We reach out, and others reach back , and we are all greater than we were.

I think about the women we are dancing for, and I try to imagine their loss and their grief. I cannot; but I have had losses, we have all had losses; we all grieve. And what is grief but a tribute to love. We grieve because what we lost mattered; what we loved mattered. And so at the end of it all , love is all that matters. I remember trying to create my photo Christmas card the year after my husband died. I had a picture, but what holiday message to send? I wasn’t feeling particularly joyful; certainly not merry or bright. And then I heard All You Need is Love by the Beatles while driving, and problem solved.  That was it; some people were not impressed. But I remember feeling so satisfied, my husband had loved the Beatles, and the message was something I was beginning to see was the simple truth of life. All I needed was to keep my heart open; cherish the past love and now live my new life with openness and love. Simple but not easy; this lesson is one that the universe keeps giving me the opportunity to practice. And over time I have learned that love never ends, and we have infinite space in our lives for love.

I have been thinking about our theme of love all week,  wondering how I should  express it for this blog. And then yesterday,  another tough day, another loss, that left my brain reeling. But, I am lucky, sometimes my crazy brain comes up with great ideas while it should be sleeping. And today I woke up with a dance half done, with a clear idea of how it should be done. A perfect companion, to my theme of love. But how to have the dance ready to be posted?

The answer of course is love. All my dancers love to dance, but Lucia has a gift for picking up choreography. Yesterday , she learned a whole dance, which enabled her to step in for one of our treasured dancers who has broken her foot. I thought Lucia would love the challenge of new choreography danced outside  in my meditation garden. Lucia loved the idea, and because her parents love her , we found a short window.  We worked together , first in my small living room, with Hooper the dance dog watching intently. And then we moved outside, Hooper still a supportive audience. Lucia gamely rehearsed in dirt and leaves, and got smacked in the face by branches. More quickly , than I thought possible, we were ready to record. This was the first recording, and our favorite. So enjoy Lucia’s love for dancing shining through the garden, and remember All You Need is Love.

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