• Liz Moore

Every Little Girl Watching

I was not going to write anything today; feeling that perhaps we have all been inundated, and enough is enough. But after seeing multiple thumbs down, AND prayer hands for the image of VP Elect Kamala Harris with the small girl in the shadow, I changed my mind.

The time for a silent head shake of despair is over.

The child in this photo is the great Ruby Bridges. Ruby Bridges was the first African American child to attend a desegregated school

in the south. She passed a test designed to keep segregation in place; black children away from white. Ruby Bridges was one of few children to pass the test. At just six years old, she was escorted to school; she was young enough and innocent enough to believe the screaming and commotion was a parade. All the white children were pulled from her classroom, and she was the lone child in class. Six years old... alone.

This was November of 1960. How wonderful we live in a country where we went from segregation to the White House in sixty years. How ugly that even one person believes this image is negative. These last four years have been an unveiling of many things, I hope we can learn from these lessons and begin to make real change.

I am lucky. I work with beautiful young girls nearly everyday. I am witness to their strong work ethic and open hearts. I am often humbled by their loyalty And support. The future seems brighter today. Little girls are watching, and hoping, because one little girl paved the way.

Thank you Ruby Bridges.


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