• Liz Moore

Fall and Recovery

How wonderful that the most fundamental lesson of life, is mirrored in the beautiful Fall and Recovery Technique of Doris Humphrey.

Fall and recover; so simple, yet like so many of the great truths of the universe, not easy.

Humphrey used the power of breath and momentum to dance to the edge of falling, gloriously suspended until gravity ultimately won. She understood that spectacular falling required energetic and strong movements of recovery. It is life changing.

My first class in Fall and Recovery was in college more than thirty years ago. It was both beautiful and flat out fun. I was falling, on purpose,  no one was laughing, and I learned to get up... sometimes in a no matter what it took kind of way. In that first class, I had an excited, where has this been all my life feeling; my body seemed to say ,Yes, this is it.

Decades have past , and I am still thrilled by these moments of rising, jumping, falling and recovering with power, intention and grace.

And isn’t this what we want in our daily lives: the knowledge that when life causes us to fall, when we are brought to our knees by loss and grief, we too can recover with power and grace.

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