• Liz Moore

Giving and Receiving Gratitude

Today is the day of my yoga event and so a short blog today with perhaps a midweek blog exploring how it all went. As I think of all I have learned from a summer immersed in yoga and meditation, I realize it is exactly what is in this touching story (below) my sister sent me. I get choked up every time I read it; the lesson is so pure and simple.

Sometimes we are so weighed down by life’s struggles and tragedies that is feels impossible to go on. The Metta Mantra of may all beings be liberated and free, becomes a cosmic joke far out of reach.

Like this whale we are trapped and slowly being destroyed by burdens we can’t put down. We need help, but don’t now where to find it or how to accept it.

After this summer, I now believe with every cell in my body that we are all connected. I have believed this for some time, but now I know it in a way that is so inherent that it has changed the way I feel in this world. I have always been a helper, a problem solver, a giver, but have always had trouble receiving the kind of help I love and need to give.

Now, I see that by not allowing others to help, I have selfishly stopped others from feeling the joy of giving.

We are here to give and receive all the gifts that we share in this beautifully awful universe. It means finding the willingness to be simultaneously vulnerable and brave, steeping ourselves in gratitude, and looking at the world and it’s inhabitants with love and compassion.

I have worked harder this summer than I have in as

long as I can remember. I jumped far out of my comfort zone, and am supremely grateful for both the joy I feel and the nervousness as 4 o’clock approaches. I will do my best, that is all any of us can do.

And like the last lines of the story below may we all be fortunate enough to be free of what binds us, and know the joy of both giving and receiving. This has been the great lesson of my summer.


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