• Liz Moore


I am fatigued by this world. The violence, and almost gleeful ignorance is exhausting. The constant barrage of ugliness is unrelenting. The fires, the viruses, "brexit", impeachment, trade wars; it’s all quite defeating. The language and tone of our so called leaders, is an assault on our senses, so horrible, that it almost seems a cosmic joke. It has been a golden time for political comedians, but lately, no matter how funny, the laughter leaves me feeling hollow, and plain old sad. So, I say, let’s start an insurrection, a rebellion of sheer loveliness. Let’s face it, there’s nothing left to rebel against; foul language is the norm, drugs are legal, deadlines are fluid, everyone gets a participation trophy. We don’t even need words anymore, we have our own hieroglyphics, emojis, and personalized memojis. (And full disclosure, I do love my memojis, silly and fun... not to be discounted in life.)

It hit me when I saw the amusing faux snow

Mohawk adorning my Buddha, the greatest most subversive acts I can commit right now are those of beauty, humor and kindness. In a world that is celebrating the lowest common denominators of divisiveness and hate, the sheer act of creating beauty, peace and quiet is the 2020 equivalent of a rebel yell.

So, join me in the quiet anarchy. When others are yelling, take a pause and whisper a kindness. This will be a challenge for me, as snarky and sarcastic are a family  religion. But, I am going to try and retain the funny, and lose a little mean. Let’s all start smiling and looking directly at each other. Let’s not hide from the world but learn all the facts, and listen to someone else’s point of view. Have an opinion, but let others have their own. Have the courage to defend the weak, the elderly, the downtrodden, and live this courage with action.

Be kind to the person in the wrong line in the grocery, the bad driver in front of you, the mother who can’t control her kids. Let’s try to greet our own annoyances and discomforts with compassion and grace, instead of short tempered profanity. At this point cursing just shows a paucity of imagination, got out that old thesaurus, and go to town :).

Now, if this sounds sanctimoniously grim, I say no, this is the time for quirk. Replace your favorite curse word with something silly, replace a Kardashian with Bob Ross, imagine Beethoven as Johnny Rotten. Humor is everywhere. Feral pigs in Texas are digging under the snow creating igloos to keep warm... that is funny, and funny is everywhere if we open our eyes to it. Let’s fight this humorless, prevaricating, obscenity filled daily onslaught with laughter and light. So join me fellow rebels and let the revolution begin.

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