• Liz Moore

Slow and Steady

Day 14 of fever, and exhaustion that is impossible to describe. I am improving, at the pace of a three legged turtle with bifocals, but there is improvement. It is the first time in my memory that my brain cannot hit override. When I had back surgery I was told the best outcome I should expect was walking without a limp; within a week I was logging three miles a day. I am blessed with a very strong will, and believe that I am stronger than any obstacle, (read - don’t tell me what to do). Well, this virus has given me a run for my money. I have been able to do gentle stretching and slow, oh so slow, walking. I did some gardening yesterday, came in after a very short while, and my Puerto Rican skin was a color never before seen. I didn’t know I could look that white; a perfect back drop for the cavernous circles under my eyes, and that makes for a perfect Halloween ghoul mask. I feel pretty, oh so pretty... and don’t get me started on the weird sweating, which would typically indicate a break in fever; but no, nothing typical here. I read, I sleep, I stretch, watch movies, and imagine dancing, because there would be no recovery from any fall :). There is a light, I can laugh again. I get a little winded ,but I can laugh again. I have discovered an endless appetite for misbehaving animal videos. My favorite of the week: Slippers the cat, brings home a duck through the cat flap; everything is funnier with a British accent. Buzz feed and Bored Panda are a lifeline. My mom still, always, a source for humor.

My sister, my nieces and I, are working constantly, busy little minions, supplying my mom with everything she needs. The search for lean cuisine meatloaf and mash potatoes is akin to the Holy Grail. We have a source for the blessed banana. We are on it, and Mom sits like the fancy feast cat waiting for her deliveries. My sister managed to get an Easter Basket to be delivered on the day.

Apparently it was heavy on dried fruit, light on the chocolate. “It’s not really a basket without chocolate”, I laughed until I cried, 89, she knows what she likes... dried fruit isn’t it. My mom is completely healthy, and I will keep sending her anything she needs, she has earned it, and her health is a gift. Soon, I will be well and I am going to bask in it. Though 72 hours without a fever seem like an impossible dream, the day will come when I am out and about dancing and having fun. And when that time comes I will remember to keep laughing and not waste time with things I don’t enjoy... and honestly I don’t like dried fruit either. Be well everyone, keep dancing and laughing, I will be right there with you soon.Thanks to all who have reached out; I appreciate it more than you can know.

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