• Liz Moore

We Rise by Lifting Others

We rise by lifting others. I have been thinking about that this a lot during the start of the holidays. Like a lot of people, I have a complicated relationship with the holidays.

The forced cheer, manic energy and the toxic consumerism bring me down. Family sadness, new and old, is at odds with this most wonderful time of the year. And so I look for ways to cope, hoping for that holiday peace, and joy. As always, the real joy comes from stepping away from my own small life and looking  at the bigger picture.

The picture that includes those who struggle during the holiday to put food on the table, and gifts under the tree. It also includes those who want to give their children opportunities, but find the cost is simply too prohibitive.

This year Spotlight Vermont has decided to put on a holiday performance to raise money for the spotlight scholarship fund. So a week from today, December 15 at 2pm, you will find MDC and a variety of Spotlight students dancing for this wonderful cause. The show will be a fun holiday themed show, great for people of all ages. We know that this is a jammed packed time of the year, so we have kept the show to under an hour. And once again, I love that we can do what we love and help others. I have been heartened to see a generous response to the 5 dollar challenge. Spotlight’s November food drive was a huge success, and it’s Toys   for Tots bin is already overflowing. The Spotlight family is a generous one, and I am so grateful for this community.

So let’s all bring this generosity next Sunday. Dance like all the arts is an expensive pursuit. Let’s give the gift of dance to those who might not experience it otherwise. The more we give of ourselves, the more joy and light we gain. So come share the joy next Sunday, December 15th at 2pm, an all style holiday showcase; donations at door for Spotlight Scholarship Fund. All ages welcome; all people invited to dance in their seats.

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