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What a Week I’m Having

Well, we made it through another week, and it was a doozy. I keep thinking of Eugene Levy groaning in abject frustration, “What a week I’m having “, while trying to find Madison the mermaid in the movie Splash. It was of course a hugely comic moment, because, well, Eugene Levy.  Not so funny for me when Sunday night into Monday morning I started to feel sick. As I write this, it is day 6 of fever, exhaustion, tight chest and occasional nausea and lightheadedness. I was tested for COVID on Wed, and just today got back a negative result. It doesn’t change the fact that I am still sick with all the COVID symptoms, so I am proceeding as advised, to consider it a false negative. I am feeling relieved that it is mild in the grand scheme of things, and nowhere near the tragic stories I can’t seem to stop reading. I have been sleeping a lot and I am not a sleeper. A good night for me is six hours in total; I have been sleeping about nine hours and then taking a nap or two a day...sleep is not overrated. However, the weird dreams reported are not exaggerated, and I have felt a little Hunter Thompsonesque with a dash of Dali thrown into the mix.

As always, there have been positives. I have had so much time to read and watch movies. Don and I could host our own classic movie and literary comedy hour. We are our own Mystery Theater 3000, and we find ourselves quite hilarious.  Hooper the super dog, has not left my side and has been patiently enduring fashion shoots with his fantastic  Easter outfit. I went religious this year, and Hooper is rocking it as the Pope, as well as a priestly rabbit. Some of the pix show looks of long suffering impatience and disbelief, but there is nothing he won’t do for a treat.

We have that in common. I am a sugar fiend. I decided to use this shelter in place to cut the worst of my candy habit out. I am not cutting chocolate, because that’s just crazy, but the pure sugar had gotten out of control. Every time I drove to Spotlight I stopped at CVS for Smarties, two extra large rolls for one dollar (I cannot resist a BOGO).  I am at Spotlight four times a week, and sometimes I threw in a giant box of Nerds just to change things up. Not to mention Double Bubble gum which is only good for about two minutes, but what a two minutes:). Pure sugar, pure deliciousness. I love sugar, and am frankly a  Smartie addict. There is evidence that sugar is as addictive as heroin and cocaine, so I have a socially acceptable addiction, and as there is a family history of alcoholism, I’ll take the Smartie problem. Sadly, an increase in joint pain and inflammation spurred this endeavor to cut back. If there were no repercussions I would eat Smarties all day long, with M&M’s chasers. I wake up craving sugar and have for as long as I can remember. But this week, a break through, no cravings for my friend the smarties or the devil that is the  Cadbury Mini Egg. I don’t know if it is the fever, acceptance or just plain old time, (Hello my name is Liz and it’s has been 20 days since my last  Smartie), but whatever the reason I seem to have leapt over a hurdle. My body feels a bit better, and I kind of hate that (I secretly wanted the sugar to make no difference). If we ever get to leave the house again, I am determined to leave the Smarties in CVS.

Yet, being housebound is still bringing the laughter. Corona  Easter eggs and peeps, hilarious talking dogs on twitter, memes of homeschooling parents losing their minds and other assorted nuttiness  online has been a gift. In addition, my mother is in rare form, as the lack of church during Holy Week and her realization that  the Yankees might not even play this year have made for some entertaining dialogue. Tragically (and comically), as of today she has only two bananas left. Forget the eggs, the Easter Bunny better bring a bunch of Doles. She is however rich in lean cuisines, so a big sigh of relief there.

At the end of this week, despite the fever and general exhaustion, I still feel grateful. It can always be worse, and frankly for me it has at times been a great deal worse. I will take this moment and find the joy, and I look forward to the day when we can reminisce about this unprecedented time and marvel about how well we got through.

So, Happy Easter and blessed Passover to all. May we all have a day of joy and laughter.... even without smarties and Cadbury eggs.

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