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You Gotta Laugh

Well, it’s been an interesting two weeks. Instead of performances, class and teaching, it is spring cleaning all day long and trying to get used to shelter in place.

As I have mentioned before, I am lucky. I love to read and watch movies, and have no children at home to homeschool and entertain. Perhaps my biggest gift is finding so many things funny. Even my mother who might be the poster child (poster biddy?) for stubborn resistance to shelter in place, is a source for both self reflection and humor.

My mom’s parish was one of the last churches to stop mass. Last Sunday was the first day of no mass. Before that my mom was walking to church, and marveling at how few people attended service. I suddenly became the person who was begging my mom to not go to church, (I believe this might qualify as a fast pass to hell). I was saying things like “ God understands“, “You have gone to church everyday of your life for decades, you get a pass”, my mom replied God doesn’t give passes; lol, truer words never spoken. (Except to hell, see above) She is going to the grocery store constantly, being out of bananas apparently qualifies as an essential outing. My mother is convinced if she doesn’t have a banana everyday at breakfast her potassium levels will immediately plummet to fatal levels. This from a woman who does not exercise... ever. That said at eighty nine I will probably sit on the couch all day and eat brownies and m&m's, so bravo on the bananas. The grocery store near my mom has a free ride to and from the grocery for seniors. They are also now delivering, but my mom likes the trip, at 89 she feels leaving the house everyday proves how self sufficient she is. Talking to her just last night she said she would try the delivery, (a massive victory, take a moment of silence). However, she did state that she hates making lists; we are all making sacrifices right now:). Everyday she asks me if I have done anything exciting, hoping to trick me into admitting that I am going out. I should have tried harder to get her up here to shelter, but surprise, she was completely uninterested. Except for the dog of course; when I tell her all I do is walk the dog, she says with a fair amount of bitterness, "at least you did something." Like I have written previously, the dog is the draw.

Hooper is now officially my co-worker. He appears to be immensely judgmental one. Things he does not like: the couch out of position as I am constantly creating online combinations and exercises, Daisy the mean cat joining us on the yoga mat, and finally like my mom , he does not like staying home. He misses the studio, the kids and especially Shelley. Hooper is missing his two year old friends JT and Margaret. He did not like me spending a long time making a piglet ballerina on Tuesday when it snowed.Hoper has deep disdain for any activity where henis not the center of attention. I was enjoying the fact that while I should have been teaching at St. Michael’s College, I was not only playing in the snow, but had the time to find fallen branches for a whimsical touch. Hooper was not impressed by the pine tutu. He was happy when it melted, I laughed when a photo looked like a double decapitation. But the greatest disgust arrived last night. Rebecca (dancer and marketing guru /website queen for MDC) sent me a rap version of Llama Llama by Ludacris (below).

I don’t know if it the isolation, but this may be the best thing I have ever seen. I immediately had to choreograph a little thank you dance for Becca. Hooper is used to me dancing all the time, but this llama dance was beyond the pale. He sat in judgment on the couch, watched and then quite appalled turned away when I dove forward with a goofy hip hop like expression on my face... hip hop like because I am in my mid-fifties and hip hop was not even a thing when I was growing up. If shelter in place isn’t a reason for slightly crippled middle aged me to teach myself, nothing will ever be... No one can see my hilarious and ridiculous attempts in the privacy of my living room, (or now that I am all in with the coolness, privacy of my crib - ;) ). Seriously, I fear this isolation will last for quite some time. I am sure my mom will keep challenging the restrictions in search of the perfect banana bunch. Hooper will continue to sit in judgment while I dance, but be a cuddle bunny while I read. My hip hop skills will undoubtedly improve. All of us in my little kingdom will do our best to keep laughing and dancing; I encourage everyone to join us.

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